Building on a wonderful tradition

When St. Michael’s Day School started in 1957, it was a leader in providing quality education to children in our area.  Today, this tradition continues.  In fact, many of our children are second-generation students at the school.

As a part of this exciting tradition, our goal is to provide our community with a quality, developmentally sound educational experience for children beginning at age three and continuing through Pre-Kindergarten…all within a loving, non-denominational Christian environment.

Utilizing one of educations’ most successful methods
As part of this program, all children pursue their activities in groups determined by the desired enrollment program.  Each group has its own “home room” where the children keep personal belongings and receive individual instruction with manipulative Montessori equipment.  In an effort to help prepare children for the tasks expected of them upon entering kindergarten, St. Michael’s Day School supplements the Montessori program with teacher-directed activities that require children to sit for short periods of time and follow directions as a group.  These activities include some art projects, and in the older classrooms, some math and writing exercises.

In addition, our curriculum includes music and language programs, creative movement and art classes each week.  We also schedule perceptual motor activities in class routines.  And as a special high-light, we arrange frequent in-house “field trips” in which various community groups and individuals visit the Day School to share artistic, cultural and safety messages with our children.

Including children with special needs
St. Michael’s Day School has a growing reputation for an inclusion program for children with special needs.  Many children with Down’s Syndrome, developmental delays and high functioning autism get their educational start at our school.  This wonderful program provides these children with their first look at inclusion and becoming a part of a regular classroom.  Thanks to the support of our local school district, along with the St. Michael’s Day School staff, our students are better prepared to adjust to programs for their special needs in their neighborhood schools.

Building self esteem and confidence
Our central focus at St. Michael’s Day School is to develop in each child a positive self-image and the confidence that reflects self-esteem.  These characteristics promote the child’s personal and academic growth at every stage of development.

We also understand that preschool children often fear the idea of separation from home and family.  That’s why we encourage small peer groups to offer security and allow for individual attention to assist the child in this essential transition.  This philosophy helps give each child a secure feeling and a strong start into any elementary program.

Parent Conferences
The school year includes a parent/teacher conference day in January.  We encourage parents to make additional appointments if they wish to consult with their child’s teacher or the administrative staff.


Enrollment & Tuition
Interested parents are encouraged to call our office at 913-432-1174 to schedule an appointment to visit the Day School.  Enrollment requires a completed enrollment form, available through the office, along with a non-refundable deposit of one month’s tuition.  We enroll in early February for the summer and following fall.

Tuition may be paid by the month or semester.  Families enrolling children with special needs may inquire about available scholarship funds.

Once your child is enrolled in the Day School, we assure continued enrollment for a specified time before accepting new enrollment from the community.

Our staff and teachers are required by law to complete 16 hours per year of continuing education, to stay current and up to date with the teaching standards. By doing this, we are making sure we are finding new and exciting ways to continue to help your child grow and be safe!

St. Michael’s Day School Inc. makes no discrimination of race, creed, nationality, or sex, regarding enrollment or staff employment.

6630 Nall Avenue |  Shawnee Mission, Kansas 66202 | 913.432.1174


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